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Two short video impressions

shared video album Two short videos of our first impressions

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Different beaches

13B98B03BA8021B87DAE13837BAB6C44.jpegJust to illustrate that not all the 'beaches' are the same. Still quite scenic.

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Setting out on full lagoon tour

Yesterday we had a fantastic day out with visits to various parts of the lagoon and a full trip around the island.

Our very friendly captain Bob

Arriving on site to swim with the sharks

Traveling on to swim in the coral garden. Colors are real

Then onwards to the private motu

On the motu

Feeding the sharks and stingrays (we did not jump in!)

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Almost shaped like a thingie

Eating at the famous Bloody Mary's, where the entrance displays a lot of celebrity names like Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Pamela Anderson and even Alex Rosen, we could not help to notice this wall sculpture that Baldrick from Black Adder definitely would have described as 'a turnip almost shaped like a thingie'. So not only the female anatomy that is on display hereHave wood

Have wood

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First swim in Pacific

Just back from cycling 90_WP_20160919_17_12_59_Pro.jpg to the beach and our first swim in the lagoon of Bora Bora. This night we dine where Raquel Welsh and Harrison Ford has been before us at Bloody Mary's http://bloodymarys.com

And tomorrow a full day boat trip around the lagoon including swimming with sharks and stingrays and lunch on a private island. Life is pretty good.

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