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Lazy days

After a day of rain when we arrived on Rarotonga its back to sunny warmth today. Our stressless life consists of hard decisions like whether to open a bottle of wine or mix another gin tonic

Checked out the best burger joint the first evening

Cruised round the Island today and had fresh fish at The Mooring

Nice sunrise

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Move to Rarotonga

Left Mo'orea, a very interesting island, to fly on to the Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.

Unfortunately we have to spend the next nine days here.

PS! Ikke noe tegn til Reinert og beinet enda. Bare søkt i svømmebasseng og under bordet på strandbarene så langt, så vi regner med bedre resultat etterhvert

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Tranquil day on Mo'orea

A tranquil day started with a perfectly grilled Mahi Mahi at our favorite lunch place with Mt Rotui in the background

In the afternoon off to the beach and the beach bar for a few gin tonics

Where we met this interesting drinking buddy

That did not last long though

Lunch entertainment from our boat buddy on Bora Bora.

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Lazy Tuesday Afternoon

As Small Faces sang 'Lazy Sunday Afternoon, I've got no Mind to Worry, Close my Eyes and Drift A-Away'. Except for a hat it's been Tuesday it fits our day perfectly.

GREAT lunch at PERFECT location of Snack Mahana. Simple, honest and juicy grilled tuna.

View is not bad either

Another mood video from Terje's Android phone. Great pictures, but excuses for the music

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Travellerspoint Featured Photos

Two of our photos, taken on Mo'orea yesterday, have been selected as featured photos on the main page of travellerspoint.com -so even amateurs like us can get the it right sometimes. The two photos are

Mt. Rotui with Cook's Bay on the right and Opunohu Bay on the left taken by Terje

And my beach photo with Tahiti in the background

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