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The Adventure is Over

The great Pacific adventure has come to an end. So was it worth all the money and the travel?

My personal answer would be yes, definitely. As we got into the island way of life and 'island time' we relaxed more and more and just enjoyed the easy, simple life; Get up, have a shower, put on a t-shirt and shorts, eat a little, swim, relax in the sun. enjoy the evenings with the friendly locals...just take life as it comes.

For others who would like to visit the area this would be my recommendations:

Tahiti - we did not see enough of this island to recommend anything, but Papeete in itself was nothing special.
Bora Bora - beautiful lagoon, but expensive and limited so only visit if you are on a romantic journey and are willing to spend a fortune on one of the private resort island. Touristic!
Moorea - very beautiful nature. If you want to combine hiking in the inland with lazy afternoons on the beach Moorea is worth a visit.
Rarotonga - interesting island (very New Zealand influenced) with friendly people and long beaches.
Aitutaki - beautiful little island (1300 people) with a fantastic lagoon. Several of the people we snorkeled with felt that this was the best snorkeling ever. Locals are very friendly and even though there are a couple of resorts it did not feel touristic at all.

Overall note that lagoons means that there is a lot of corals around and the lagoons can also be very shallow. Thus swimming will only be good in certain places. The lagoon boat-trips are indeed perfect for that, so go for some all day tours.

The flights are long, especially the return was long for us, so plan carefully to minimize the travel. Once you are there you will definitely enjoy!


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Final impressions Aitutaki

A couple of final impressions from Aitutaki.

Our bungalows was of the rustic type, but perfectly situated before the beach.

We actually walked out to this island (named One Foot Island) from another completely naked island.

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Aitutaki First Impressions


First look from plane - visited and walked the next day

Our local host Lawton took us on a complete tour of the island - amazing

This really tells the whole story of why we do not want to leave

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Some pictures from Aitutaki and Rarotonga

large_15400EFFE641C24D2F8F5C8A84F9E9AA.jpgDSC06271.jpgDSC06225.jpgDSC06200.jpgDSC06197.jpg14BE83D5CE97BFD1D66DE99DF9B764F0.jpgDSC06313.jpgDSC06281.jpgDSC06162.jpgDSC06131.jpgTheStigpasser_b_ten.jpgAitutaki er den flotteste øya i verden. Mange mener at lagunen her og lagunen på Bora Bora slåss om tittelen "verdens vakreste lagune". Ifølge Stig og Terje som har vært begge steder i løpet av denne turen, er det MYE flottere på Aitutaki. Vi var heldige og traff en lokal manager på det stedet vi har leid oss inn i våre to bungalower - Aretai. Han tok oss med rundt og viste oss innlandet på øya, ga oss hjemmebrygg og introduserte oss til lokale folk som tok oss med på båtturer, havfiske m.v. Alle er så blide og trivelige og øya er lett å få oversikt over. Skal vi tilbake til sydlige Stillehav- blir det Aitutaki!

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Limited Internet

Too slow and unstable internet here on Aitutaki, so pictures will have to wait. Other than that this is paradise!

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